Job Opportunities

If you've always wanted to reach out and grab a cell, twist a protein, or study the physics of animal behavior then our lab is for you! We are always looking for students and postdocs with an interest in physical measurements of living systems. Previous biology or biophysics experience is helpful but not required. Our group combines instrumentation, cutting-edge experiments, data analysis, computer vision, and machine learning with physics concepts and theories to understand diverse biological phenomena.


We are currently recruiting postdocs with an interest in any aspect of our research. Applications should include a curriculum vita (CV) that includes a list of publications and a brief statement (2 pages) of research interests and goals. Please also provide contact information for three references that can provide letters of recommendation. Materials should be sent directly to Josh via email.

Prospective postdocs looking to work more broadly in the field of biological physics should apply for the Center for the Physics of Biological Function (CPBF) Fellows position here:

Graduate Students

Current students should contact Josh via email to discuss rotations/research projects. Prospective graduate students should apply through any of the Physics Department, the Biophysics Graduate Program, the Quantitative and Computational Biology Graduate Program, or the Neuroscience Graduate Program, depending on their interests and background. Shaevitz group members are eligible for training grant support from multiple sources.

Undergraduate Students (JPs and Senior Theses)

Undergraduate students from a variety of departments (PHY, NEU, MOL, CBE, MAE, EE etc.) are welcome in the lab. Interested students should contact Josh via email. It is important that JP and thesis students have enough time in the lab to make serious contributions and are encouraged to start as early as possible. Freshman are particularly welcome in the group.